Coffee Is For Closers Ep88

Feeling crushed by the idea that selling is hard for someone who speaks English as a second language? Check out this episode of the Coffee is for Closers for inspiration!

Earning a 7-Figure Income in Sales with English as a Second Language

Feeling crushed by the idea that sales is hard for someone who speaks English as a second language? Watch this week's episode with Marco!

Do you ever feel like you can never communicate properly with prospects who are native English speakers?

Feeling crushed by the idea that sales is difficult for someone who speaks English as a second language?

Don’t resign to your fate just yet! In today’s episode, the Italian Stallion, Marco Cortesi, joins me today to talk about how he made it big despite English not being his first language! We talk about his experience when he first joined Sales Sniper as a non-native speaker, how you can use your accent as an advantage to sell effectively, strategies you can take to communicate effectively, and more!

Get rid of the notion that selling to native English speakers is only for native English-speaking salespeople!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. The Italian Stallion, Marco Cortesi [01:23]
  3. Joining Sales Sniper for the first time and crushing sales [03:04]
  4. Being able to sell effectively with English as a second language [07:30]
  5. The importance of humility as a salesperson [10:30]
  6. Using sales in real-life conversations [13:27]
  7. Dressing comfortably to sell confidently [15:31]
  8. Marco’s advice to first-time salespeople who are non-native English speakers [19:04]
  9. Strategies to expressing yourself better as a non-native speaker [23:58]
  10. Why you need to have your own style of selling [25:22]

About Our Guest:

Having started out selling internet services door-to-door at age 15, Marco Cortesi went on to develop his sales experience across many different industries. From the outset, he invested in skills development, seeking out every sales modality from “feel, felt, found” to high-pressure styles that simply ‘got the job done.’ When he finally arrived at Sales Sniper and NEPQ, he found his home and became one of the top salespeople in the world selling anything, making over 7 figures a year in commissions as a W2 salesperson.


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