About Us

Leadership Team

Matt Ryder

Founder and Chairman

why he went on to start and grow a string of health and wellness centers before ‘relaxing’ into sales full-time for a season, where he too achieved 7-figure per annum commission income.

James Sackl

Chief Executive Officer

success, ignite vision, core values and high personal standards in others, strongly compliments his role at Sales Sniper where he leads team growth.

Ben Moon

Chief Operating Officer

January of 2021, he decided to join Sales Sniper as its Chief Operations Officer and has since overseen and managed its internal operations in the past 8 months.

Marco Cortesi

Chief Revenue Officer

develop his sales experience across many different industries. Now, he has become one of the top salespeople in the world selling anything, making over 7 figures a year in commissions as a W2 salesperson.

Will Hinkson

Head of North American Ops

ultimately leading high performance teams for the first decade of his professional career, Will went on to develop his leadership and sales experience in a business setting across multiple successful companies in multiple industries. Now, he’s focused on developing elite teams of sales savages through engineering sales processes and fostering a culture of high performance and mutual collaboration across the sales teams. 

Balint Pataki

Chief Technology Officer

he got introduced to data based marketing/sales and got fascinated with the opportunities that technology can provide to improve the companies bottom lines.

Before Sales Sniper he ran his own agency and coaching program about chatbots, automation and marketing. 

His favorite quote: ‘I will either find a way or make one’

Tony Haddad

Vice President of Sales

his first company, Diamond Heights Events, in 2018.

Since then, he’s been obsessed with sales and entrepreneurship. Tony still oversees 2 other businesses but decided to also become a full-time Sales Sniper in 2020, he now helps the team with sales coaching and content creation. 

Sean Wray

Head of Recruitment

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Candice Parsons

Chief Copywriter

marketing and communication expertise to various projects and industry sectors. In December 2020 she joined 7th Level Communications as its Chief Copywriter and has enjoyed selling in written form ever since.

Tori Rozenhal

Financial Controller

joined Sales Sniper part-time in September 2020 in the finance department, and has recently joined Sales Sniper in a full time capacity as the financial controller. 

Sales Sniper has grown in 2021 to partner with around 25 companies and employ 100 sales reps. As the financial controller, Tori is the financial leader within the organisation, who is responsible for all accounting-related activities and financial strategy.


Rhode Thelemaque

Sales Sniper Alpha

selling for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the U.S.

In early 2020 he transitioned out of that organization to join Sales Sniper after being attracted to their commitment to high company standards as well as personal growth.

Tales Couto

Sales Sniper Alpha

event production to start from scratch in sales August last year. Fast forward a year later he has developed his sales ability to such an extent that now he earns monthly what before used to be a yearly salary.

Ace Blue

Sales Sniper Alpha

held 2 jobs through high school trading time for money and sweat for a minimum wage. After 7 years of pinching pennies and callusing his hands, he started his first sales job through door to door at 19 years old selling pest control. In September of 2020 he found Sales Sniper and has since applied his blue collar work ethic in a white collar position.

Anthony Vizzari

Sales Sniper Alpha

over 15 million in coaching sales and leading an international team of high performers all before the age of 25. His experience complements his role at Sales Sniper where he manages Oceanic accounts.



Snipers are leaders who operate with relentless congruence in every facet of life. This lets us lead others authentically with conviction and consistency. We commit to upholding the highest standards for the benefit of self, our colleagues, clients, and prospects.


Developing and fine-tuning strategy allows us to strike the target. We customize plans to align with each individual to obtain optimal and highly specific outcomes. We calculate all variables and regularly assess a strategy’s effectiveness in order to make the right decisions.


We execute the plan put forward until desired outcomes are achieved. As snipers, we match our intensity of action to meet the level of ambition we set out to achieve. Snipers lead powerfully through service over self, humility over ego, while prizing and pursuing expansion and growth.