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Matt Ryder


Ben Moon


Tori Rozehnal


Rhode Thelemaque

Account Manager

David Boon

Staff Development Officer



Snipers are leaders who operate with relentless congruence in every facet of life. This lets us lead others authentically with conviction and consistency. We commit to upholding the highest standards for the benefit of self, our colleagues, clients, and prospects.


Developing and fine-tuning strategy allows us to strike the target. We customize plans to align with each individual to obtain optimal and highly specific outcomes. We calculate all variables and regularly assess a strategy’s effectiveness in order to make the right decisions.


We execute the plan put forward until desired outcomes are achieved. As snipers, we match our intensity of action to meet the level of ambition we set out to achieve. Snipers lead powerfully through service over self, humility over ego, while prizing and pursuing expansion and growth.