Sales Coaching & Training Results

We Train & Develop Great People Into World Class Salespeople

We train people from all over the world & from all sorts of backgrounds. 
We also hire and place sales people on accounts almost exclusively from our training programs.

This is what Top salespeople have to say:

Rick Riordan

“Three months prior to July 12, I had a total of 15 deals. Since doing the training on July 12, I got a total of 19 dealsa nd 2 deposits. I’ve done this all in the last 1 month and 3 weeks since I started!”

Hysam Elkalban

“I started doing coaching with Tony Haddad around 3 months when I reached out for one-on-one help with my sales. And over the course, I doubled my closing rate. Now, I’m on a new offer on the first three calls that I had!”

Shanny Sommer

“Before getting to know about NEPQ, I was left at the mercy of whether the person was already planning to buy that day. With the techniques that we practice everyday, I show up with way more confidence and more certainty.”

Taylor O'Hare

“Having learned what I’ve learned here, I closed 3 out of 5 of my calls on a specific weekend compared to my previous 10% to 20% closing ratio in the past 2 and a half years that I’ve been in sales.”

Daniel Matallana

“There are multiple sales groups out there but this is the only one where you can learn from people who have actually earned multiple 6 or even 7-figure [income]!”

John Shuette

“Everything that Sales Sniper does is sick! If you aren’t willing to invest yourself in the best teachers availabe in the market, you are bound to fail. And these are the best teaches out there in the market.”

Mitchell Snyder

“I was curious how Jeremy’s sales guys are going to sell me… But halfway through the call, I realised this guy’s good and this makes a lot of sense!”

Ravi Kainth

“What I’ve learned here blows my mind! This is really a gold mine for learning sales!”

Jaydaniel Castro

“There’s no other group that you can find where there are people better than you who can teach you how to close six times a week!”

Nick Doria

“When you ask the right questions at the right time with the right tonality, it’s crazy how well it actually works!”

Jeremy Bingham

“The Closing Code Group is the best single investment you can make in your sales career to get the highest ROI possible!”

Muhammad Raihan

“…I am not good at handling objections. But with the help of the coaches, I was able to handle the objections that I’m facing.”

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