Coffee Is For Closers Ep3

Today we chat with James Cant from JCF Coaching. James is a 26 year old killer that has built an empire and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Coffee Is For Closers Ep1​

Episode 1 of the podcast about all things Sales, High ticket closing and what happens in the world of running a sales agency that does over 1 million a month in sales

Interview with Online Fitness GOD James Cant

In this episode, we interview James Cant from JCF. James is a 26-year-old killer who will make you feel as if you have accomplished nothing.
In this episode, we interview James Cant from JCF. James is a 26-year-old killer who will make you feel as if you have accomplished nothing.

James Cant is the type of no-nonsense action taker that is a salesperson’s dream. We all have those sales calls where you just KNOW that people will be successful and this guy is one of them. From the first moment I met him I could tell this guy had a fire in him that was intense. In this podcast, we talk about what it means to have that fire, why people act and why they don’t, what motivates people, and why most people fail at what they do.

We talk Business, Fitness, Sales, the future, and the present coronavirus effects on sales.

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Here is what James and JCF are all about

I(James Cant) love recovering people from the depths of illness. I love upgrading men and women to be cognitively, physically, and emotionally powerful. I love creating human freaks of athleticism. I love carving regular people, just like you, into bodybuilding champions.

This is why my JCF team and I are here today. We love giving humans the opportunity to be better – and we are bloody good at it.

We are passionate about agreeing that the health and fitness industry has well exceeded its allowance for mediocrity.

Our calling is to correct this mediocrity by delivering optimal results. At JCF we invest hours of time and thousands of dollars in ensuring that we give our clients the highest quality programs and the most accurate information while also genuinely caring about each life we work with. This uncommon approach to coaching often causes us to pour over client records, scrutinizing what we can do in the future to improve our protocols, and deliver even smarter, better, and faster results.



Creating freaks

Exclusively working with the hyper-functioners and highly educated

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Over the last couple of years, Matt has become a world-class high ticket salesman demanding very high commissions and the attention of many top-level coaches, such as Traffic and Funnels, Barry M from the Game Changers, Tristin Bond, James Cant, and many others.

James has been focusing on how to make Matt more productive and has developed a system that automates and streamlines even the most complicated sales processes.

Coffee Is For Closers is designed to chat all things sales, chat with industry leaders, and just shed some light on what it takes to be an 8 Figure closer!

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