Coffee Is For Closers Ep104

Former pro rugby player and personal trainer Nick Bradley shares his journey to becoming a fit biz entrepreneur to help you become one, too!

How a Former Pro Rugby Player Became a Successful Fit Biz Entrepreneur

Former pro rugby player and personal trainer Nick Bradley shares his journey to becoming a fit biz entrepreneur!

Thinking about establishing a fitness business to help more fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals? 

Before taking that path, though, you have to remember that you need to map out concrete action steps and understand the factors relating to running a fit biz.

And if you’re in for the ride, this episode will give you a sneak peek into what it’s like to manage a fitness business.

In this episode, Nick Bradley shares lessons from his journey as a gym owner—the challenges you may face, how to scale your business, the importance of copywriting, and more!

Hit play and kick off your adventure as a successful entrepreneur!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. Nick Bradley’s journey from being a PT to a fitness business owner [01:15]
  3. What is it like owning a gym? [03:49]
  4. Copywriting and marketing [06:28]
  5. Understanding the sales process that works for you [09:09]
  6. The challenges that come with selling fitness [10:12]
  7. How does doing emotional sales affect you [15:16]
  8. Do you ever ask for help? [18:17]
  9. Running and scaling businesses up [28:39]
  10. Dealing with leads who aren’t “that” interested [35:00]
  11. There’s no such thing as competition [40:17]
  12. Importance of having project management software [46:15]
  13. Keeping track of your business’ financing [50:01]

About Our Guests:

Nick Bradley is a former international rugby league footballer and now a successful fitness business entrepreneur. He was also a personal trainer and owner of Leaps and Bounds. In 2013, he founded Soultrain in Wooloomooloo and is presently the gym’s head coach for high-performance training.


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