Coffee Is For Closers Ep108

What’s wrong with Dan Lok? This week, let’s all lock in on Dan Lok as we examine the good and the bad on everyone’s favorite sifu.

What’s Wrong with Dan Lok? – Breaking Down Everyone’s Favorite Sifu (Photo Winner Announcement!)

What's wrong with Dan Lok? This week, let's all lock in on Dan Lok as we examine the good and the bad on everyone's favorite sifu.

People desire wealth. That’s why selling sales courses on how to double or triple your income in just a matter of days is so easy!

This week, we lock in on a particular sales guru who has been one of my favorite topics on my YouTube channel over the past few months—the High Ticket King, Dan Lok.

What’s wrong with Dan Lok? And what is it about him that just rubs people the wrong way?

Let’s all put him under the microscope and examine the good and the bad on everyone’s favorite sifu.

Stick with me ‘til the last minute as we announce the lucky winner of Dan Lok’s autograph!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. Matt’s problem with Dan Lok [01:08]
  3. Note: it takes time and effort to be an excellent salesperson [07:55]
  4. The issue with sleazy “sales and business gurus” [19:38]
  5. What they don’t tell you about working from home as a sales guy [25:01]
  6. The abundance of sleazy marketing of sales courses these days [27:12]
  7. Making promises only when it’s actually doable [34:25]
  8. Autograph winner selection! [36:29]
  9. The main gripe with sleazy sales gurus [41:14]

About Our Guest:

After his 12-year career in the army, Pat Stuart began training dogs full-time, mentored and coached by the best trainers in Australia and the world. He is a certified NePoPo instructor as well as an active competitor in the PSA. A former special forces K9 Handler, he now has a business called the Operant Canine dedicated to helping dog owners, handlers, and trainers handle and train their dogs better. He also hosts his show The Canine Paradigm.


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