Coffee Is For Closers Ep110

Today’s guest is a sales prodigy at 17 years old! Let’s all hear Yash Gajjar’s success story on how he became a savage at 17.

17-Year-Old Sales Savage Shares Why You Are Never Too Young to be a Sales Rep!

Today's guest is a sales prodigy at 17 years old! Let's all hear Yash Gajjar's success story on how he became a savage at 17.

Who says being a sales savage has an age requirement?

This week, Yash Gajjar, one of our youngest, most successful Alphas, joins me today to share his success story as a teen sales rep! He talks about his experience starting a business at age 15, why having experience is instrumental to your success as a business owner, and how the Closing Code (and Sales Sniper, in general) helped him become a sales legend in just a span of 2 years.

To all aspiring young sales reps and entrepreneurs, grab a cup of coffee and tune in to this inspiring episode of Coffee is for Closers!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. Applying as a 15-year old sales rep [01:40]
  3. James and Yash’s business experiences as teenagers [06:02]
  4. Realising that there’s more he needs to learn to successfully run a business [11:35]
  5. Mastering sales upon joining the Closing Code [14:43]
  6. Joining the Sales Sniper team full-time [17:42]
  7. How to avoid getting complacent with your work [19:50]
  8. Succeeding as a teenage sales rep [23:08]
  9. Yash’s key lessons he learned throughout his career [29:50]
  10. His advice to teens and young adults on becoming successful [31:53]

About Our Guest:

A 17-year-old sales rep at Sales Sniper, Yash Gajjar started selling at 9 years old. In November 2019, he co-founded his own coaching business called The Manifested Entrepreneur. After meeting Matt in 2019, he joined the Closing Code Facebook group to hone his sales skills. Eventually, he got absorbed as a full-time sales rep into Sales Sniper and now, he’s one of the top performers in the organisation.


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