Just the Tip #40

Learn more about following up in under two minutes. Watch this video now!

How to Follow Up with Your Prospects Properly

Learn more about following up in under two minutes. Watch this video now!

Not making a sales follow up is only for losers. 

If you want to get that sale, listen to me. 

Follow up with everyone until they buy or until they die. 

We’re not mean. We’re not forcing our leads either. 

We just don’t give up because we know we can provide the exact product or service they need. 

Learn more about following up in under two minutes. Watch this video now! 

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Hey Matt here, and I’ve pretty much been a full-time sales pro for 12 years… but of course anyone can be in sales for ages – so, what’s the big deal? Well picture me in my lane working my sales game year in and out… and in that process steadily developing a steady swathe of selling skills that today is a bit of a super-power. See, as these trusty skills grew – so did my commission along with it. I went from selling $50/week fitness memberships… to $5K training programs…. to $100K coaching packages… And these BIG ones, for some of the world’s most influential coaches, like Ryan Serhant from ‘Million Dollar Listing’ – and other heavy-hitters across different industries. By now you’re probably wondering about my methods, Lol! The lowdown is they’re a fusion of various selling models I’ve used over my career to now earn 7 figures a year purely from sales. And, the coolest thing about it? These tactics are 100% slime and sleaze-free, and my goal with this channel is to share them with you. So hey, I hope you enjoy the content enough to subscribe – AND – that in applying what you learn, get the flood of wins I want for you. Feel free to also check out my “Closing Code” training program (yup, I do that too.) It’s a paltry $50/week (with 50% off week-1.) My mission is to give every salesperson out there access to world-class selling techniques so they can make great money, without having to sell a kidney to do so. ​

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