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The Difference Between Sales Training & Sales Coaching

This episode Pat and I talk about the difference between sales training and sales coaching, the pros and cons of both, and how you can utilise both in order to get better at sales.
Sales training is the methodology that you have as a fall back position so that you can learn the basics, fundamentals and foundation so that you can actually move forward and have a decent standard.
Sales coaching is the very specific feedback loops and adjustments that somebody who is skilled makes.

Misleading Metrics in Sales

In this episode Pat and i go over what misleading metrics are in sales and in businesses. We discuss how misleading sales metrics which are actually harming your close rate in a reps point of view,; and how misleading metrics harm businesses when it comes to understanding where your business is realistically. Having false data on paper might make you feel good and that you’re doing a good job, but at the end of the day. numbers and profit don’t lie. This is by far one of the leading cases I see in businesses and sales reps failing and sinking, so keep watching and identify the signs.

All about Personal Branding

Pat and I go in depth about online personal branding and how to use it, how it effects the face of the brand, how to keep your agency as a person without getting cancelled online and why it is sometimes advantageous to have a personal brand over a corporate brand.

Team Building & Maintenance

From a three man team to over 150 employees, knowing who is the right fit for the job and how to find potential is the key to a successful dream team and business.
Pat and I talk about business growth and how to build the ultimate team and how to maintain that team by constant and regular training and up skilling. Investing into your team that will help you run and make your business profitable is one of the most important things any business owner needs to do. Find out how.

All about OODA loop

Pat and i are going to talk about OODA loops and how it refers to sales and business. We also talk about how sales and persuasion and any PQ in particular has benefited myself and other business owners in day to day life.
For those who may have never heard of OODA loop before, it’s Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.- meaning how someone can make an effective decisions in high-stakes situations, in the perspective of sales and business.
By introducing OODA loop into your thought process could change any negative situation into a positive reaction.

The Problem with Sales Recruitment

Pat and I will be going over some of the problems with certain business models, and in particular with sales recruitment. I even share some of the hiccups that my business’ have faced and what we did to overcome them. If you have ever asked yourself as a business owner “why can’t I find a good sale rep,” and if you’re a sales rep asking yourself “why can’t I find a good offer,” then all the answers you are looking for are in this week’s podcast.