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Coaching Call Session

So how do you upscale your sales game plan? The easy answer is to get yourself coached, learn from someone who’s “been there and done that”.

Overcoming the Christmas Objections ft. Marco Cortesi

It’s that time of the year again! Along with the Christmas season comes seasonal objections. When people are going out of town and delaying their fitness goals to stuff up on the Christmas turkey, gyms and coaching organisations….

How to Make More Sales… Right Now!

Would you rather make more sales or be better at sales? Making more sales does not mean you’re better at sales. Likewise, being better at sales does not immediately equate to having more sales.

Lead Quality: The Great Debate

Can’t close a call? Well, that’s probably because all leads are not created equal. Or… are they? Lead quality is everything for a sales rep. It’s how you tell who buys and who doesn’t.

ABC… & the Sniper Standards

Think about it, do you really have an established company culture or do you just give off a particular vibe? If you do, congratulations! Make sure you’re making good use of it.

Q&A + Tangents

Always wanted to find out why people give incoherent answers throughout the call? Curious about where to draw the line between lead quality and sales skills?