Coffee Is For Closers Ep109

In this week’s episode, let’s dive into what makes leadership crucial in the success and happiness of your employees at work!

Top Leadership Tips For Designing the Best Work Culture

In this week's episode, let's dive into what makes leadership crucial in the success and happiness of your employees at work!

The reason why the talk on creating the “best workplace culture on earth” has not yet been put to an end is that there isn’t a perfect solution.

What’s crucial is finding a way to keep employees happy and tethered to your business.

This week, we dive in on good leadership as a key to creating a winning culture in the workplace!

We share what we learned over the last couple of years leading and building Sales Sniper from the ground up. We talk about what the ‘train set’ syndrome is and how you can avoid it, how to prevent conflict between two leaders within the office, and so much more!

So saddle up and get ready for another mind-blowing episode today on Coffee is for Closers!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. Fostering the best culture in the workplace [00:53]
  3. The difference between leadership vs. management [07:02]
  4. The ‘train set’ syndrome [08:19]
  5. How to avoid the ‘train set’ syndrome [13:09]
  6. Dealing with split leadership [21:18]
  7. Is it better to be feared? Or to be loved? [25:15]
  8. Why promotion is better than recruitment for higher positions [30:13]
  9. Rewards and punishment in the army and the corporate world [35:37]
  10. The formula for a good culture in the army and the workplace [40:45]
  11. How you can be a good leader [49:25]

About Our Guest:

After his 12-year career in the army, Pat Stuart began training dogs full-time, mentored and coached by the best trainers in Australia and the world. He is a certified NePoPo instructor as well as an active competitor in the PSA. A former special forces K9 Handler, he now has a business called the Operant Canine dedicated to helping dog owners, handlers, and trainers handle and train their dogs better. He also hosts his show The Canine Paradigm.


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