Episode 3: Interview with Dan Henderson; the key to running 3 highly successful businesses at once

Today. we chat with Dan Henderson. We wanted to chat with Dan because he is currently selling 15-20k per week in cash collected for his fitness education business.
Today, we chat with Dan Henderson. We wanted to chat with Dan because he is currently selling 15-20k per week in cash collected for his fitness education business.

During the time of this podcast we are deep into the Covid crisis and to pivot the way he did and adjust not only his products and service but also being able to close in this time is always worth chatting about.

We talk about all things sales, marketing, and building trust.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Guest Info:

Dan Henderson

I started training in the Fitness industry in 2007. In 2008, I set up a personal training studio ‘Coastal Bodies’ in Sydney. The studio has 7 trainers and is one of the top-performing training premises in Sydney. I sold the business in 2017 to focus on other projects. In 2009, I co-wrote my first accredited course. This was the ‘Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training’. This course has been taught to 1000’s of trainers worldwide and is the most popular course in Australia for personal trainers. The last 3 years have seen my company and I produce 10 more accredited courses that we teach to trainers. We are Australia’s leading ‘Functional Training’ education institution and employ 28 presenters in 8 different countries. In 2017, we will have over 400 courses delivered in 16 countries. I have presented at Leading Fitness conferences including AFC, FILEX, IDEA WORLD (2017), QFIT, WAFIC & IFEX.In addition, I have had many articles published and host my own podcast. I love sharing my experience with professionals and I now help them build their businesses so they can have more success.

Function Training Institute

The Functional Training Institute provides educational courses for fitness professionals. We develop and deliver world-leading courses so we can fitness professionals with best practice and results. Our courses include Kettlebells, Mobility, Power bags, Battling Ropes, Suspended Fitness Training, and Barbells. We also deliver the world’s most comprehensive Functional training program ‘The Master Functional Trainer’ program. We deliver these programs in over 15 countries

Instagram – @thecoachof_coaches, @ftigamechanger

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-henderson-a562a115

Over the last couple of years, Matt has become a world-class high ticket salesman demanding very high commissions and the attention of many top-level coaches, such as Traffic and Funnels, Barry M from the Game Changers, Tristin Bond, James Cant, and many others.

James has been focusing on how to make Matt more productive and has developed a system that automates and streamlines even the most complicated sales processes.

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