Coffee Is For Closers Ep1​

Episode 1 of the podcast about all things Sales, High ticket closing and what happens in the world of running a sales agency that does over 1 million a month in sales

Coaching Call Session

So how do you upscale your sales game plan? The easy answer is to get yourself coached, learn from someone who’s “been there and done that”.

But coaching doesn’t stop at giving some tips in a one-time session, it’s a process of checking on your client’s progress, working on the things that they need to build up, and honing them until they do everything right.

In this episode, join me and my coaching client, Geoff, as we pick up where we left off in the last coaching session, explore the areas that we need to work on, tactics that he can use in closing a sale, and so much more.

There’s tons of lessons to pick up from this episode, so tune in now!

What We Talked About In This Episode:

A bit of reintroduction about Geoff [00:58]

What made him get coaching [02:38]

A recap and review on Geoff’s progress [05:40]

Making Geoff further dialed in with pitching [06:07]

Reverting back to the macro during a pitch [06:48]

Setting hooks throughout the situation phase [11:46]

What’s the demon under the stairs analogy [14:28]

Other analogies that you can use, as well [18:05]

Why analogies work in pitching [19:45]

Asking consequence questions [23:08]

Understanding clients through their vocabulary [26:37]

Making clients comfortable with being vulnerable using these tactics [30:48]

Working on how Geoff present his pillars [33:00]

Combining all of these together and converting them into numbers [34:50]

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