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Barry Magliarditi is the Founder of the Game Changers, owner of multiple 7 figure businesses, and a systems expert.
Barry Magliarditi Founder of the game changers, owner of multiple 7 figure businesses and systems expert. We speak with Barry today about what it takes to be to HIRED by a successful coaching company. Barry runs one of Australia’s most successful business coaching organizations and is a client of Sales Sniper. We dive deep into sales, marketing, and what an “influencer” is looking for in sales staff. Find more about Barry below and make sure to check out his podcast, The Comeback Game, HERE. https://www.thegamechangers.com.au/thecomebackgame/





Over the last couple of years, Matt has become a world-class high ticket salesman demanding very high commissions and the attention of many top-level coaches, such as Traffic and Funnels, Barry M from the Game Changers, Tristin Bond, James Cant, and many others.

James has been focusing on how to make Matt more productive and has developed a system that automates and streamlines even the most complicated sales processes.

Coffee Is For Closers is designed to chat all things sales, chat with industry leaders, and just shed some light on what it takes to be an 8 Figure closer!


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