Coffee Is For Closers Ep71

This week, James and I geek out on one of our most favorite sales topcs: high ticket selling.

Big Boy Selling: A Crash Course on High Ticket Sales

This week, James and I geek out on one of our most favorite sales topics: high ticket selling.

Is selling high ticket really as hard as people think? Are there certain “fancy” qualifications one must have to sell high ticket? What type of skillset should you possess in order to succeed?

This week, James and I geek out on one of our most favorite sales topics: big boy selling. Today, we talk about how we built a sales empire in just half a year, why sales is just the same in whatever type of industry, and why if you can sell regular sales coaching or seatbelts (given you have the passion, of course), you can literally sell anything! If you’re someone who’s interested in getting into the high ticket realm, then join us in this episode where we give you nothing but good insights into the world of high ticket selling.


So go strap up your big boy boots, fix yourself a cup of coffee, sit down your comfy la-z-boy, and enjoy a nice, warm exchange in today’s episode of the Coffee is for Closers podcast!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Hey, guys! What’s up? [00:00]
  2. Big boy selling for high ticket closers [02:06]
  3. How we built an 8-figure business in just 6 months [03:44]
  4. The similarities between selling an M&A and a standard sales coaching [06:40]
  5. Why any savage, highly committed salesperson can sell any high ticket sales [08:02]
  6. What makes sales for any industry similar to each other [12:46]
  7. Jeremy Miner: the epitome of epic sales savagery [17:21]
  8. Using NEPQ in any type of industry [20:50]
  9. Qualities that you need to possess in order to succeed in your chosen field [22:58]
  10. Biggest takeaways from today’s episode [26:53]

About Our Hosts:

Matt and James are from Sales Sniper, a sales consulting agency dedicated to helping companies increase close rates, build sales systems, and conduct sales training. They generate millions in sales for their clients every month and easily get the top done for your sales agency.



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